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First of all, the level 2 electrician will know your exact electrical requirements or problems and will provide you with an exact electrical solution to meet your specific requirements. Our electricians pride themselves in understanding your priorities and delivering unmatched quality of work. The highly experienced and skilled electrical team of this company handle reconnection & new connection work, of any size with ease.

We are a authorised service provider (ASP) under Endeavour Energy network.

High-Quality Level 2 Electrician Servicing Wollongong and the Illawarra.
Knowing where to find a reputable electrician is a must. Not just for emergency purposes, but also for projects where you will need an electrician that you can trust. When you are having problems with your electrical work, don’t delay it. Have a reliable expert over to fix it right away. Do not let your electrical problems get worse.There are many electricians in Wollongong, but the one that you can truly trust to provide you with fast yet high-quality electrical services is a fully licensed Level 2 electrician. We are known to do the job at our best without shocking you with the price. The company can be contacted for emergencies, lighting upgrades, overhead cable management and for any electrical projects from residential to industrial collaboration.
Services Offered:
Overhead Cables:
Our level 2 accredited service dprovider is fylly certified and insured in order to be able to work with overhead cables. Whether is may connection, disconnection, replacement or general overhead cable management then you are at the right place!
Emergencies: Electrical emergencies happen unexpectedly all the time. When this happens the electricians at Always Level 2 Electrician are available every day to come over and fix your electrical problems, even at a very short notice no matter what the project is. They have the best certified electrical contractors to provide you with the best service at a reasonable price. Whether it’s a damaged cable, or an intermediate power pole, or basically anything that involves your electrical supply that needs to be done right away, they can be there to help.
General Electrical Services: Do you need an electrician for specific electrical services? The electricians from Wongollong at Always Level 2 Electrician would be happy to help. It can be lighting installation or surge protection, or maybe you want to upgrade or install your switchboard or secure your underground cables, it will only take one call and an electrician will be sent your way. If you want to rewire your house or have a safety switch installed, that can be done. All of the work will be provided by highly trained electricians.
Lighting Upgrades: Do you need any light upgrades? You can call Always Level 2 Electrician anytime on the best schedule for you for any domestic, commercial, and even industrial electrical services. This company is a Level 2 accredited service providers so you know that your project is in good hands.

Accredited Level 2 services include.

- Cat1: Disconnect and Reconnect

- Cat2: Underground service mains

- Cat3: Overhead service mains

- Cat4: Metering

Having those authorisation allows us to service all service main cabling, connections for single and three phase installations and many other works beyond the manual. 

Further services include:

- Relocations and repais of point of attachment

- Overhead cabling replacement, installation and upgrades

- Electric Pole installation and replacement

- Underground cable replacement and installation (mini excavations)

- Metering replacament, upgrades and installation

- Storm damage repairs

When you need any electrical works done the as soon as possible, you can always call 1800-538-352. The company is available every work day so you can schedule a visit at any time that would be convenient for you. If you want to know how we charge for their services, you can always request  a quote directly at our website, over here. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you through email or a phone call.
So what are you waiting for? If it is electrical supply problems, never delay. You know that you can call Always Level 2 Electrical at Wongollong, so there’s no need to worry. We have highly trained and well-experienced electricians that you can definitely trust to do the job right for you. They are available 5 days a week. Call them or email them to schedule a visit.

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